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3 Excellent Reasons You Should Buy More Activewear Today!

Posted on February 11 2019

3 Excellent Reasons You Should Buy More Activewear Today!

Does your partner shake their head or give you grief each time they see you perusing the web for more cute activewear? Well, we have three legitimate reasons on why you should buy more active wear today.

 1) Motivation Factor! – Seeing that new super cute crop and tights can be the driving factor that makes you head to the gym and punch out an intense workout like your training for a world championship. When you wake up envisioning yourself in that cute outfit at the gym crushing that workout, you are subconsciously setting the tone for how that workout is going to go. A new outfit is undeniably one of the best ways to get excited about a workout!

 2) Comfort and fit. If you take numerous classes or train different disciplines, a one size fits all approach does not work for active wear. You like to take a Yoga class; you need pants and a well-fitting top that have plenty of give to stretch with you while you are downward dogging it. You are doing an Intense cardio class, Ladies you are going to need a super supportive sports bra to help prevent tearing and stretch marks around the bust. (And let’s face it, it’s super uncomfortable to have those bouncing around more than we are when doing jumping jacks). Men, you are doing an intense weightlifting session in the middle of summer, a good t back that allows for movement and heat to escape is a must have. Just like you wouldn’t wear a pair of tracksuits in a swimming pool, you wouldn’t wear loose yoga pants to a spin class, so ensure you are properly kitted out for each discipline.


 3) To prevent injury! This being the most essential factor in buying new activewear. Things to consider when purchasing your new activewear, is it made out of sweat-wicking material? You have had an intense workout you don't want to be wet and cold for hours and risk injuring your muscles. Is it suitable for what your planning to wear it for? I recall a horror (horror sounds a little extreme, but I think you will agree when you hear this) story of the lady who wore shorts with a seam in the crotch to an intense spin class. I don't think I need to fill you in on the rest ladies, let's just say, not pleasant!


So now you can feel good and legitimately start shopping for some new activewear today, and Prize Fighter has got you covered. Our new range is suitable for everything from yoga through to weight lifting and boxing with style to match. Our goal was to create first-class apparel at an affordable price, and We know you will love it!



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