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5 Failproof Tips to Smash Out Your Fitness Goals This Year!

Posted on February 17 2019

5 Failproof Tips to Smash Out Your Fitness Goals This Year!



The New Year has come and gone, along with it, many peoples hopes for a healthier fitter life in 2019. If you are like one of the many who sets goals for a different you in the new year, and then quickly loses hope and gives up a week or two later, please don't despair.


First of all, know that you are not the first person this has happened to, and secondly, remember that you are definitely not a failure! You set out to improve yourself, and just because you have hit a little bump in the road, you are still on the right track to success. And with these five tried and tested tips to help you along, you will be a stronger healthier version of yourself in no time!

 1) . Map out a plan. Eating healthier and working out is great, but if you don’t have an idea in your head of exactly what it is you are trying to achieve, you may well quickly find yourself wondering around the gym aimlessly wondering what you are going to do next, and with nothing in mind, you will lose motivation very quickly. It can be worth your while finding a Personal Trainer who will discuss with you what your goals are and help you map out a plan to achieve this.

2) . Enlist a workout partner! Do you have a friend who also likes exercising? Working out with a friend is so much more fun than working out on your own. But more importantly, having a workout buddy helps keep you accountable and showing up each day, and can help keep you motivated when you are feeling a little low and don't feel like pushing through. A great workout buddy will encourage you to keep pushing harder every workout, do extra reps, run an extra kilometre, and hey before you know, you will see excellent results!

3)  Have fun and do what you love! If you hate running, don't spend hours pounding away on the treadmill hating life and growing increasingly negative. Find something you enjoy doing, and that brings you joy! If you like dancing, try Zumba, an hour-long Zumba class can burn up to 500 calories! Or maybe you love an intense challenge; a boot camp may be just the thing for you? Exercise shouldn’t be something you dread the thought of.

4)  Meal prep/plan. We all know that a healthier version of us means a healthier diet. Planning out your meals and doing a meal prep helps avoid the "I'm too tired/ too rushed to cook, I'll just get some takeaway" scenario which can be one of the quickest ways to go into calorie overload and destroy your health and fitness plans. If cooking isn't your thing or you just don't have time, there are plenty of excellent meal prep companies online who deliver fully prepared and cooked meals to your door! As these grow in popularity, you can now also see more of these meals popping up in supermarkets.

5)  When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you feel confident! Go ahead and treat yourself to some new activewear! It is proven that clothing influences our behaviour and attitude. Buying a new workout outfit and putting it on helps mentally prepares you. Similar to an actor putting a costume on, you are getting into character and Prize Fighters all new range of fitness apparel will leave you feeling like the champion you are, ready to go out there and crush your goals! You can check out their range Here.

So, there you go, five simple tips to get you crushing your new year’s resolutions in no time!

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