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Started by legendary Australian ex-boxer Mick Akkawy, Prize Fighter began after a car accident stalled Mick’s boxing career. While recovering, Mick was determined that he would ‘be a Prize Fighter one day’ - which served as the inspiration for our name. For Mick, boxing was a way for him to overcome the adversity he faced after his family immigrated to Australia. A fan of sports, Mick was involved in everything and eventually found his passion for boxing after watching his brothers’ box. To everyone else, all that mattered in the ring was that he knocked out his opponent, regardless of where he came from. From boxing, Mick learnt the importance of discipline, determination and hard work - all of which are core values of the Prize Fighter brand.

Prize Fighter is a brand that is founded by survivors, by those who know have gone through hardships and challenges and have come out stronger at the end. Our company ambassador Bilal Akkawy is no stranger to adversity and after seeing his father’s heartache during his car accident, decided that he too wanted to be a Prize Fighter, both in the ring (by following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a boxer as well) and out (by working alongside his father on Prize Fighter).



We are Prize Fighter - a contemporary active sports lifestyle brand. Prize Fighter provides apparel and accessories that have been created to be worn in the gym and on the street. Our gym wear is designed by boxers for athletes. We believe that gym wear should not only be tough and resistant but also stylish - so that you can easily hit the gym and head to brunch in the same outfit that will keep you feeling good on the inside and the outside.

At Prize Fighter, we are determined to not be classified as “just another boxing label” - we want to design apparel that is able to be worn by everyone, that encourages and motivates you to live life no matter what hurdles are thrown your way. We also aim to give back to the community and inspire those who have, or are, overcoming adversity in their life. For us as a clothing company, we aim to build technically advanced apparel that is tailored to the bodies and needs of athletes and is seamlessly infused with style.

As a member of the community, our main goal is to inspire and motivate those who wear our clothes, encouraging them to believe that they are Prize Fighters who can face the challenges that life throws at them and beat adversity.